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We are the only coaching platform in the world that guarantees what you put out there comes back to you ten fold.


If you can connect to yourself, you can connect to others. We know better humans make better leaders and coaching is an integral process to connect with yourself.


Create a new relationship with a coach who meets your needs, where you are right now in your life.


Transform your life and everyone else’s that comes in contact with you, in the most delightful and extraordinary ways.

Want to know more about becoming a Karma Koach?

“Michaela and Karma Koaches have brought a ray of light into working from home, connecting with other like minded coaches from all over the world (country) and coming together to share ideas, theories and of course business growth with a bit of laughter. Connection is so important to people who do what you do, who get you and understand what coaching and true service of others means! Michaela has created an amazing community of just that….don’t wait another minute join us today!” 

Suzanne Taylor

Why become a Karma Koach?

1. Connect with other coaches.

2. Participate in Monthly Masterminds.

3. Create the lifestyle that you have always wanted!


How It Works

Sign Up

Go here to answer a few questions about becoming a life or business coach on our platform. You will then be receiving a call or email!


You will start receiving multiple invitations to our masters network, mastermind and to connect with other coaches and possible clients. 


The key to success in any business is full participation. We strongly suggest creating regular participation so you can create what you want and love! 

What is a mastermind?

We hold monthly masterminds with a facilitator that asks powerful questions and creates a space where coaches get the opportunity to grow and expand in a way that is powerful and transformative.


What We Do For You


We do the SEO for you! We have thousands of visitors each month and can’t wait to keep growing. You can see how many people have visited your profile!  


We provide a huge opportunity for getting new clients. We do this on our end through speaking engagements, networking events and being in connection with multiple agencies that also want to touch, move and inspire people into action!


Each month we have our masterminds, we are launching a certification program soon and we also have more resources being launched on a regular basis so you have a business you love!

What To Expect

What is our masters network?

Karma Koaches has the masters network so that coaches can create connection, referrals and support each other while building their business.


What To Expect


Meet other coaches within our network, build your client base, get more clients, refer clients to one another and support each other in growing a business you love. 


Start or grow your coaching practice on our platform. We have the key to support you in growing a thriving business. 


Grow into the coach that you have always wanted to be and now you have the space to do that! 

Still have questions?

  • Being coaches ourselves, a powerful question is what causes something new. Find all the answers here.
  • You are welcome to contact us at any point while you make this decision. We get it and we can’t wait to hear from you!